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"Before using Sisters IV shea butter, my skin dried out frequently throughout the day because my job involves a lot of contact with cardboard. After using Sisters IV shea, my hands stay moisterized and don't dry out very easily. They even have a new shine to them! I am definitely a lifetime customer!"- Whitney A. 

"I've used many different types of shea butter in my life, but there was always something wrong with it. It was too hard, too soft, not consistent enough; the list goes on and on. When I began using Sisters IV shea butter, I had choices between reular shea, whipped shea, exfoliating shea, and shea souffle! I loved the whipped shea and I am NEVER going back to the other stuff I used before." -Aaliyah R. 

"I am a mother of 3, and all of my children have eczema. It has been such a struggle trying to find products that do not dry out their skin and offer a variety for the different types of eczema my children have. Sisters IV has all natural products, and even offers frangrance free soap for my daughter who has the most sensitive skin. And after I finish with them, I can relax in a bath with a nice bath bomb. I love this family oriented company." -Mary R.

"My son is the only one of my 5 children to experience eczema. I tried everything: Aquaphor, castor oil, Vaseline, EVERYTHING. Nothing worked for longer than a few weeks. I met Mrs. Deborah in 2006 while she was vending, and we began talking about her daughters and their eczema, which began her journey to Sisters IV. SHe recommended not only the different types of shea butter, but also information about eating habits that may agitate his eczema more. We're originally from New Orleans, and food is very prevalent in our culture. I was amazed at how many things I cooked with, like cheese, milk and cream may have been the culprit for excessive rashes. I began to modify how I cooked and my son continued to use the shea, and it helped so much that I almost didn't recognize his skin in a month. Gone were the dry patches on his legs and arms, the bland looking skin. They were replaced with a smooth and even tone that you could not deny looked healthy. I could not believe it. Today, my son, a college senior, still uses her shea butter products and has very little problem with his eczema." Cindy Lou M.

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