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Sisters IV is a handmade collection of skincare products created by Deborah Davis.


Ms. Davis began making products in 1996 when her family of six all suffered from different degrees of eczema. In addition to making sure the family ate healthier foods and consumed adequate amounts of water, she also spent a lot of time focusing on topical skin treatments. Constant visits to the doctor resulted in various high priced creams and emollients containing un-natural ingredients. In researching natural alternatives, she learned about the benefits of Shea butter and the economic value it could provide to her family. Furthermore, she could control all of the ingredients, thus catering to the various skin types and needs within her family. In addition to Shea products, she began mixing bath salts for muscle relief, learned how to make soap, and experimented with other products such as body oils, and air fresheners.


The products worked so well that people were shocked that people were shocked to find out that her family suffered from eczema at all. The clarity of their skin, and the fragrance combinations used prompted family and friends to ask how they could get the products.  From there Sisters IV was created.


Although they started with Shea butter and bath salts, the product line expanded to include lotions, body oils, Shea butter variations (whipped, exfoliating, and baby Shea), soaps, and various specialty bath products. Sisters IV also will develop a “IV Men” line which produces similar products, but with fragrances that appeal to men. We also look forward to the “Baby Shea” line, with products catering to extra sensitive younger skin.


In addition to starting a company that provided high quality skin care products, Ms. Davis also sought to show her four daughters that they did not always have to work for someone else.  They could be entrepreneurs and operate their own businesses.


Deborah Davis and her family are dedicated to the Sisters IV mission of providing natural, hand-constructed products, with organic ingredients to cater to healthy living.


“The customer is of the utmost importance to us.

Providing them with products that help and prolong

healthy living is the foundation for what we do.”


Deborah Davis, Sisters IV

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