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Kiddie Kit Soaps

Kiddie Kit Soaps


Our Kiddie Kit Soaps are made especially for kids.

Kiddie Kit Soaps includes 8 smaller soaps in a variety of fun-loving shapes and fragrances for kids. Because of the way our kids use bar soap, (when they finish their bath, the soap bar has melted away), these smaller soaps  address and solve this problem. Kiddie Kit Soaps come in 2 sets.

Set I includes a variety of soap fragrances

Set II includes all Fragrance Free soaps

Kiddie Kit Soaps sell for $8.00 per bag

  • Return & Exchange Policy

    There are no returns or exchanges on the Kiddie Kit Soaps.

  • Disclaimer

    If pregnant, nursing, have allergies or health concerns, please read ingredient list carefully.  Contact your doctor if you have questions.

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