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Shea Souffle

Shea Souffle



Our exclusive, hand whipped, deeply moisturizing Shea butter is a rich body butter that is very concentrated. Because it is whipped, only a small amount is needed and goes a long way.


As a general rule, apply less than you think you need, rub it in and watch how your skin embraces the butter and how it is absorbed into your skin until it does not feel greasy. Your skin is left feeling supple, moisturized and naturally glowing. Apply our Shea to the entire body within 2 minutes after leaving the shower or bath, and as needed throughout the day. An application to the body will last the entire day, with repeated applications to hands that we tend to wash several times a day.


*2 oz. Travel sizes require a minimum purchase of ten (10).

  • Ingredients

    Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Arrowroot Powder

  • Sign Up for Our SoSHEA Subscription Program

    SoSHEA is a subscription program whereby you can have your soap and shea soufflé delivered to you directly, via mail, each month.  You don’t have to remember to order your soap and shea supplies when you run out! Sisters IV will give you a choice of the fragrance you want from 4 offerings. One of the choices will always be Fragrance Free, one will be a typical fragrance used by females, one a typical fragrance used by males, and the last choice will be fragrances that can be used by males and females.  Fragrance choices are changed each month, and the soap and shea soufflé for the month will be the same fragrance. No mixing of fragrances between the soap & the shea soufflé.  The subscription plan requires that you have a debit/credit card on file for monthly charges.  SoSHEA customers receive a discount on their soap & shea soufflé combination purchase, in addition to free samples.


  • Disclaimer & Refund Policy

    If pregnant, nursing, have allergies or health concerns, please read ingredient list carefully.  Contact your doctor if you have questions.


    Because of the personal nature of the products, no exchanges or refunds are offered.

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